Mission & Vision

Education is a socio-economic platform which bridges the gap between the rich and the poor, caste and creed, region or religion. Higher education across the world enabled to respond challenges and opportunities which emanated on account of research and development in various fields of life, made several countries to realize the world over education as an index for human resource development. Expansion, access, equity and equality have become the concerns of higher education. In the process of providing equity of opportunity, many governments in the world have recognized the conventional system of education not only as a costly phenomenon but also less flexible system to meet the growing demands of the public at large.

Inaccessibility of regular system of education particularly to differently age groups like school dropouts, housewives and working people,non-supportable socio-economic conditions of people especially from under privileged, minority clases and marginalized sectors of the society. Advent of revolutionary changes in print and communication technologies and governmental urge to find another mode of education as a supplement to the conventional mode, a paradigm shift in education from one time learning to lifelong learning gave scope for starting distance education.